Canon T4i and T5i Work as Webcams with Canon Beta Driver

With the pandemic, everyone went to online meetings, and suddenly, built-in webcams just didn't look so good. Just about all models of good, reliable webcams were sold out and on back order by mid-March, so I started looking for ways to use my Canon and Olympus cameras. Canon quickly released a beta for a webcam utility. Although Canon does not officially support them, I've been able get my Canon T4i and T5i to work as webcams using the Canon EOS Webcam Utility. The G5X Mark II is supported, but the G5X (Mark I) is not, and I have not been able to get my G5X (Mark I) to work.

Battery life on the T4i and T5i is about 1.5 hours--enough for most Zoom calls, but you will always want to have a spare battery on the charger.

The picture on Zoom is has a black box around it, but I have not tried all of the settings yet, so there may be a way to fix this. In any case, it is a much better picture than the 15-year old 320px webcam that I've been using or the built-in one on my Lenovo W540.