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Moving Polar ProTrainer to a New Computer

Once I was able to get the infrared IrDA USB adapter to work on my Windows 10 machine, the next step in moving to a new machine for ProTrainer was to move all of the data across. The Polar web site contains links to some articles on how to find the data directory, but the easiest thing to do is to search for *.hrm files in Explorer. The steps for the data transfer are as follows:

  1. On the old machine
    1. Search for *.hrm files using Explorer to find the ProTrainer data directory
    2. Copy all of the files for the ProTrainer User to a USB flash drive, preserving the directory structure. In Cygwin the commands I used were cd /cygdrive/c/path-to-data-directory mkdir /cygdrive/e/ProTrainer cp -r * ./ /cygdrive/e/ProTrainer/ cp -r *.* ./ /cygdrive/e/ProTrainer/
    3. Eject the USB drive and move it to the new computer.
  2. On the new machine
  3. If you did not import an exercise session while testing the IrDA installation, do that now to create a .hrm file.
  4. Search for *.hrm files using Explorer to find the ProTrainer data directory.
  5. Copy the files from the USB flash drive preserving the directory structure. Since the user names probably will not match exactly, copy only the files from the old user directory to the new one.

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