Introduction to R in Data Analytics Workshop

Beginning on Tuesday, October 15, 2015, I will be teaching an introductory workshop for R through the Southern Methodist University Continuing and Professional Education (SMU CAPE) Program. The course, Introduction to R in Data Analytics Workshop will be held on six Tuesday evenings from Tuesday, October 13 through November 17, 2015.

Course Description

R is an open source environment for data analysis and is one of the primary tools used in data analytics and machine learning. This course will help both programmers who need to learn data analysis tools and data science professionals who know SAS or other tools and need to learn R. In this hands on workshop style class you will learn how and when to use R, you will actively practice R programming language and commands, you will learn to use R for reading and writing data and how to effectively communicate your results. Examples and assignments will use digital marketing, economic, police/fire, and geographic data to illustrate techniques for preparing, cleaning, visualizing and analyzing the various data types and formats using the R statistical programming language. This workshop will cover:

  • Installing and getting started with R
  • Understanding the strengths and limitations of R
  • Data exploration and data preparation
  • Common R functions and scripts
  • Reading and writing data with R
  • Programming efficiently in R
  • Curve Fitting, Prediction and Interpolation
  • Geostatistics, geocoding and Mapping
  • Advanced Graphics Building and communicating your case in graphics
  • Advanced Tools and Packages and developing predictive models with R

How to Enroll

To enroll in the class, go to the SMU Continuing And Professional Education Course Listing and select the enrollment button.